12.Jamie Hander(non-registered)
Great stuff! Go Castleford!
11.Lindsey Drinkall(non-registered)
I think that your pictures are amazing! You're a great photographer! You should go to some of the smaller schools sports events more often. -Castleford Basketball Player #11
9.Keron Francis(non-registered)
Awesome pictures
8.Kellie Haws(non-registered)
NOVA U13 Girls State Cup pictures are amazing!
I love picture 39
The wide angle pictures at the girls state tournament are pretty awesome. If you ever have some spare time it would be great to have you come talk with our photography group about your technique.
4.Barbra Jarvis(non-registered)
Wow! Great shots of the Twin Falls vs Hillcrest game! That's gotta hurt!
Great photos steve
2.Lisa Silva(non-registered)
Looking Good, of course!
1.Will Gagnon(non-registered)
Great looking site man!
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